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Preliminary Analysis & Consultation | Reconstruction & Cause Analysis | Other Collision Services

Scott Moore & Associates is a professional traffic accident reconstruction and cause analysis company with the following services available:

Preliminary Analysis and Consultation
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  1. Preliminary verbal consultation via telephone to determine the status of your case.
    (no fee)
  2. A preliminary examination and consultation regarding all collision documents, photos, videos, reports, and other collision information provided by others for review by Scott Moore & Assoc.(s) for a reasonable fee.
  3. Complete review and analysis of collision reports and/or reconstructions by others.

Reconstruction and Cause Analysis
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  1. Complete traffic accident reconstruction and cause analysis.
    • scene measurements, diagrams, photos, video, and documentation as deemed necessary by Scott Moore & Assoc.(s).
    • review and analysis of information or evidence presented to Scott Moore & Assoc.(s) by others.
    • examination/analysis of roadway surfaces, skid marks, vehicle damage, and scene characteristics and environment.
  2. complete report including all mathematics formulae.
    • Expert testimony if required.
    • depositions
    • court
  3. Computer simulations and animations. (Fees quoted separately per case)
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Collision Related Client Services
If there is any question regarding a service not listed
please contact us.

  • Telephonic consultation and assessment
  • Consultation, review, and analysis of collision information and documentation
  • Immediate response to collision sites if required
  • Collision site measurements, photos, and video
  • Collision site environment analysis (roadway surface and elevations, traffic controls, line of sight, etc.)
  • Collision site available light reading with illuminometer, and, lighting analysis
  • Scaled factual diagrams
  • Scaled CAD factual diagrams
  • Time/distance/speed analysis for vehicles, pedestrians, motorcycles, bicycles, and/or other objects in motion
  • Perception/reaction time and distance analysis
  • Skid mark analysis
  • Vehicle lamp analysis
  • Vehicle tire analysis
  • Vehicle damage analysis
  • Change in velocity analysis
  • Vehicle braking efficiency
  • Vehicle speed from skid marks
  • Vehicle speed from crush (damage)
  • Vehicle speed from momentum analysis
  • Vehicle specifications
  • Motion analysis
  • 2-D and 3-D animations
  • SMAC simulations
  • Interview witnesses
  • Interview collision parties
  • Traffic accident cause analysis
  • Collision analysis report
  • Traffic accident investigation report
  • Traffic accident reconstruction report
  • Expert testimony

Additional Services

  • Traffic safety presentations.
  • Traffic impact studies
  • Traffic accident reduction studies
  • Traffic accident investigation and reconstruction training *
  • Traffic accident reconstruction seminars **

* Training for attorneys, claims adjusters, and investigators.
** Seminars are conducted for the benefit of groups who require a working knowledge of traffic accident reconstruction.
To schedule training or seminars please contact the main office.

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Accident Reconstruction Organizations

NAPARS California Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists - CAARS Southwestern Association of Technical Accident Investigators - SATAI American College of Forensic Examiners