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Fee Schedule
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  • Retainer: $2500.00*
  • Consulting Fee: $500.00** (An initial telephonic discussion of the merits of the case is free)
  • Reconstruction/Analysis: $225.00 per hour
  • Qualified Assistants: $75.00 per hour.
  • Deposition: $300.00*** per hour (2 hours minimum)
  • Court: $1000.00 per day.***
  • Reconstruction Simulation/Animation: Request quote.
    Computer simulations are quoted based on the client's requirements and the sophistication of the reconstruction. Prior to calculating the fee for a simulation, a reconstruction must be completed. The reconstruction develops technical information for the simulation. Furthermore, the reconstructionist gives technical assistance to the individual who creates the simulation. It is therefore recommended that clients first obtain an accident reconstruction prior to requesting a computer simulation quote. All expenses related to the creation of the simulation and it's accuracy will be billed to the client as incurred.
    For more information regarding computer simulations please contact us at:
    Main Office:
    Upon receiving a quote, a retainer fee will be negotiated between the client and Scott Moore & Associates. The retainer fee must be paid prior to the commencement of any simulation work. The balance of the simulation fee must be paid at the time the simulation is completed.
  • Extended Travel Time (4 hours or more per day): $100.00 per hour

Billing Policies:

  1. Travel time will be billed at a negotiated hourly rate on a "time to and from only" basis. (Ex.: if it requires 1 ½ hours to make a round trip to a court, scene, meeting, or deposition, then the billing is for 1 ½ hours at the negotiated rate)
  2. Travel time away from home (lodging required) will be billed on a per hour basis, whether traveling or working, to a maximum of either eight (8) hours, or, the total hours worked/traveled per day.
  3. Transportation, lodging, travel, and miscellaneous expenses billed at cost.
  4. Mileage will be billed at the rate of $0.55 cents per mile.
  5. Hourly rates will be billed at the end of each week or after 10 hours of completed work.
  6. Expenses will be billed as incurred. (click "Expenses")
  7. Advanced Fees must be paid prior to the commencement of any case work.

Typical Expenses:

  1. Digital photographs
  2. Digital video (DVD).
  3. Travel (mileage, commercial airlines, lodging, and rental vehicles). *
  4. Court presentations **
  5. Miscellaneous special items required by the client.

Accident Reconstruction Organizations

NAPARS California Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists - CAARS Southwestern Association of Technical Accident Investigators - SATAI American College of Forensic Examiners ARC Network